Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"Carpe diem quam minimum credula postero "

At times one must embrace Horace!

A long while back when my kids were still small; I had the chance to go listen to John Denver, live, in the park, for free. I loved John Denver, and had I known this would be a once in a lifetime opportunity I would have been there in the front row; I would have made sure to shake his hand and tell him that his words found a spot in my soul. But, I was young, and thought that there would always be a tomorrow, so I waited until "next time"; He died just a few weeks later.

Never again will I make that mistake. Thanks to that awakening, I have heard some of the greatest speakers; Mary Robinson tops that list, and listened to some of the greatest singers from B.B. King to Elton John.

SOOO, when I heard that my most favorite singer of all time was going to be in Utah . . . just a short 6 hour drive away . . . I packed up Mark and the kids - all who thought I was crazy - and took them off to see Steve Earle.

Now let me tell you about Steve Earle . . . When I was just around 22 or so my little brother Johnny said to me, "Katy you gotta hear this . . .", then he pulled out a funny little record. When I asked him what it was, he told me it was a "CD". He said the sound quality was unbelievable, and that I was going to love this new singer Steve Earle. So, Copperhead Road was the first song I heard on a CD. Pretty powerful. I've followed the man's career and have every "CD" he's made, my kids have grown up with him in the background.

Just to have the opportunity to hear him live was incredible, but then we got there; the setting was in a canyon between 11,000 ft peaks, the weather was perfect, there were only 150 people at most, I was in the front row with my loving husband, my kids were in awe of the spectacular talent before them - it was day that was worth the sacrifices it took to get there. We had to drive the 6 hours back that night for Mark to work the next day - I truly am married to one of the hardest working men out there.

Here are some shots from the day . . .

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Books and friends should be few but good . . .

Our good friend Ken left us today to move back to his home town in northern Idaho. We will miss his face around here, and look forward to the times when we'll see him again

Best of luck to you Ken and April, we expect an invitation to the wedding!!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Oregon Trail 2009

There is just so much history to explore in the Northwest, with much of it being outdoors, which makes it really fun and accessible to kids and families. Just last month we took the kids to a stopping place on the Snake River of Lewis and Clark, and this month I took the kids on a little day trip over to Oregon, to the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center. It's an amazingly well put together exhibition of facts, historical documents and hands on exhibits for the kids. It's built on a bluff with one wall of windows so that you can look out over the prairie and actually still see the wagon ruts from where they come down the pass and head out across the Prairie to the Cascade mountain range - very moving, you can't help but see yourself in one of those wagons.

The kids really enjoyed the trip, although they weren't into my picture taking, lol, and we got to listen to an incredible Native American flute player. It was beautiful day as you can see by the skies, and although the kids made goofy faces in all of my pictures, they all thanked me for taking them afterwards.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July 2009

What a fun night we had.
The day before the 4th the kids made an expensive trip to the fireworks stand, and I put beer on ice and a smoked pork roast into the slow cooker.
The weather was hot on the 4th but we had cold beer, pulled pork, a bonfire and fireworks over the lake - all from our backyard. We were joined by my good friend Mac and his daughter Sophia (Ryan's best friend), and Hannah and Gus's friend Calvin. Mac and Sophia spent the night and we all got up in the morning and went for breakfast at the airport.
Just one of those really nice family days where you are so glad to be who you are and where you are.

Mac teaching Ryan about fireworks safety . . . hah!

Mark and his shop help . . .

Life is straightening out and starting to go really good around here. We have had so many great and positive changes in the last year, not the least being that the younger kids are really taking an interest in helping Mark in the shop. Mark works such long days that he really appreciates the opportunity to spend time with them. And, as I tell the kids, something learned is something you own forever. They're such good kids, getting up early, helping out, doing their chores; these three are going to be successes at whatever direction they go in.

The hardworking happy Dad . . .


LOL everywhere we go people ask if these two are twins.

Obedience School for the dogs . . . and kids!

The feed store down the street from our house held dog obedience classes . . . I don't think anyone graduated, dogs or kids!

Hannah and our Jack Russell Terror, Piper.

Lou and our big ball of fluff, Xander, the Standard Poodle.