Monday, October 12, 2009

Grandkid update . . .

Trinity lost a tooth . . . and is still most beautiful little girl in the world!

HOMECOMING 2009 ! ! !

"Beauty is not caused. It is. " Emily Dickinson
We have the most beautiful kids, both inside and out, but when they clean up . . . man do they look good! You know, these kids are really great. Mark and I had so much fun on Saturday helping them get ready for their school dance.
This was Gus's first dance and he was intent on being the perfect boyfriend and doing everything just right . . . he did, he was the star. And boy did he look great doing it!
Hannah of course had to pick this moment in time to try hair extensions for the first time, and the search for the perfect shoes covered every shoe store in three towns . . . but it was worth it, she's the most beautiful girl in the world.
Ryan put in his two cents worth wherever he could and Mark again posed with kids who towered over him -he's just the best dad making all of this fun in our lives possible.