Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

Well, what do you do on Halloween with a bunch of great kids who are to old to go trick-or-treating???? You throw a party of course! With Bonfires, Carmel apples, fog machines, really loud music, crazy games and fantastic costumes . . . they're already planning next years event!

Mark and I are just so proud of how wonderful these kids and their choices in friends are.

That's Hannah as the Queen of Hearts, Gus as The Riddler, Ryan as Two Face, Ryan's friend Sophia is a Muse (I asked if she knew what that was . . . she told me "someone who plays music" . . . I love teens!).

Ryan's Bass . . .

A quick update on Ryan's music; he is in the advanced Orchestra this year in school, and is First Chair with his Bass. I don't have a pic right now, but will get one on here soon. I just wanted to update everyone on how fantastic he's doing.

Hannah & her Guitar . . .

Hannah has taken on the music world this year as well. I bought her her first guitar a year ago for her birthday and she has been taking lessons ever since . . . her teacher says she is great and of course I think so too! I'm amazed at how much she can learn in only a year. She is too shy to sing in front of other people yet, but she's talking about joining choir next year so I think it's coming - I can't wait to hear her play and sing.
Here she is a year ago when I bought her the guitar, and the next picture is of her and her teacher.

Gus's choir concert

Gus has always proven himself a musician, but this year he has really gone speeding ahead with his progress. His beloved piano teacher Miss Elaine retired this year and Gus took that little break in his efforts towards piano to take on a few new instruments; so far this year he has bought and taught himself the Ukulele, the Bass Guitar, & the Harmonica; and he is now working on his voice! He's in Choir, and Music Composition & Theory in school, and was just invited to join the Advanced Men's Choir as well.
We were very proud to attend his first Choir concert this month and are looking forward to several more this year. Here are some pics of that day!