Sunday, March 21, 2010

Weekend camping trip . . .

Well gosh darn it I didn't realize that I hadn't taken the time to write anything on here yet about our camping trip. We had a great time as evidenced by the pictures. Mark & I along with Hannah, her friend Tim, and Gus met up with Ryan, his dad John and Zoe in Riggins for the weekend. The weather was perfect. We had rock skipping lessons, hikes, target practice, a trip to a mountain salvage yard (Mark of course lol), my incredible BBQs and John's even better breakfasts. Mark's a workaholic but he does know how to leave it all behind when I insist on a family time trip - he and John even got shushed at midnight by the people camping in the next site, for talking politics too loud . . . I'm sure John's killer Bloody Mary's had nothing to do with that . . . lol all in all another great family trip.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Another Choir Concert for Gus

Gus is doing great in Choir and hoping to make Choral Edition next year, he scored in the excellent range at the Solofest competition. So many of these kids have already had years of professional training, but Gus is holding his own and making us quite proud. It's really heartwarming watching his entrance into this world, knowing that one day very soon these days of nervousness and youth will be gone to all but the memories that belong to us his parents.